Wednesday 15 October 2008

Hobnobbing with the Mechwarriors

It was almost a mass no-show at the Furness Wargamers, with a number of regulars missing and only a handful of games running. Fortunately Martin turned up eventually, bringing his Battletech stuff with him. Strangely enough the bloke who wanted to see what the game was all about (he's had some gaming stuff handed down to him) was one of those MIA.

Having nothing better to do we rolled up some Mechwarrior characters, and a right odd bunch they've turned out to be. Given that they reside in classic era (3025) Steiner space that's probably appropriate. Everybody I know who's played the game thinks that Battletech went pear-shaped with the Clans. No chance of them psychos interfering as Martin's stuff predates their introduction and is firmly Succession War era (and his rulesbooks are almost antiques!).

Using the age old method of naming things after the first thing you see... My character is Norbert McVitie, pilot of a 50 ton Trebuchet Mech called 'Hobnob'. He has newly transfered to the 32nd Lyran Guards, on Solaris, from the 5th Lyran Regulars, where he conducted his apprenticeship, The rest of the PCs in the lance consists of a T-Bolt and a Catapult Mk2 piloted by Marcus Vine, who's also been transferred in but from the rather more posher 11th Lyran Guards, and he actually appears to of had some education.

Hopefully we'll get to play a few mech battles with this crew in the future and get a bit of a campaign going. A raid into Kurita or Marik Space looks to be in the offing for starters.

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