Sunday 30 January 2022

Bolt Action - Off the Beach

A Trial Game of modified Bolt Action in the Pacific.

Keiron and Matt are planning a 'Big Game' of an American 'Island Hop' for later in the year.

This game was for testing stage\wave 2 - moving off the beach.

The right flank.

Rules have been changed to speed up the dice draw to make it more of a classic IGOUGO. The way it was implemented seemed to favour the defenders in their ambush positions.

Heading off the beach

Rather than advance straight ahead the cover of the trees on either side was utilised to get closer to the bunkers (being represented by the trenches - they were covered bunkers). The mortars also laid down some smoke for the first few turns.

Bogged down in the middle

Nothing much happened in the middle all game. There was a success on the left flank as a drawn-out duel between light tanks helped the Americans move up to the first defensive line and engage with the rearmost Japanese defenses.

Americans take the bunker (briefly)

The mortars cleared the middle of the bunkers holding up the advance on the right, but the rightmost had to be stormed to clear it out. This was successful but a return 'Banzai' charge, after some artillery to soften it up, soon cleared it out.

Tank loses the gunnery duel.

The tank had moved out of its 'hull down' position to try and help out but got taken out by a three-inch gun. This was the last of the effective units on this part of the wave. Both sides depleted ready for the next wave of incoming Americans.