Wednesday 11 July 2012

Night Train to Cairo

A mini-campaign using modified Horde of the Rings rules.

Based on the Anglo-Egyptian War, the British launch a campaign to seize Cairo from the Egyptians.

Two separate British forces attempt to march across Northern Egypt, opposed by tow groups of Egyptians.

From Furness Wargamers in the Colonies

The first two simultaneous battles both went the way of the British, but not by much.
The British were then quick to build some Armoured Trains to double their movement on the Campaign map. Movement became cagey between both sides, as the Egyptians attempted to keep both route to Cairo protected, with the British having to resort to brute strength to try and force the passage.

A loss by the British actually helped them in the campaign as the Egyptians advanced too far opening up a route to the Capital for the other British force.

It all came down to a final battle on the outskirts of Cairo, with all forces converging there.

The British scrape a victory in the end, mainly due to the Machine Guns, both on the ground and on the Armoured Trains