Thursday 28 June 2012

Zulus, Tens of Them

Matt brought in some 54mm Plastic British and Zulu figures that he'd managed to pick up, pre-painted, at a bargain price. About 30 Zulus and 20 British in total.

Rules, as provided by Paul, were In Darkest Africa from Wargames Illustrated. All ranges and move rates were doubled to take account of the figure size and a couple of house rules made up on the fly to cover the defensive positions, giving a 5+ to wound defenders rather than the normal 4+.

From Furness Wargamers in the Colonies

Sunday 17 June 2012

Phalanx 2012

Annual pilgrimage down to St Helen's for the Spartans annual Phalanx convention.

Arrived at about 12am, Bumped into a few of the Furness Wargamers who had made their own way down and got my £3 entry fee reimbursed for being a club member.

Seemd to be more demo games going on this year, or possibly just better laid out. The local LARP group had a table to themselves as well. As per usual with LARPers they were heavily into latex.

Did not buy much, some magazines, some cheap Army Painter primer and some packs of 15mm Protolene 'jackal' warriors from the Critical Mass stall. These, at a push, can act as proxy Vargr to face the proxy 'Imperials' I got at Triples. Should have more than enough figures to do some of the basic Tomorrow's War scenarios.

Had some deep fried chips from the cafe for dinner, which was 'as good as ever'; You would expect a sports centre to have something a little better. (But not as extreme as at Triples where they had vending machines for Whey Powder.)

Left at around 3pm, just as the monsoon season was starting.

Thursday 14 June 2012

Battle at Wahlsbeck

A battle that should never been fought occurs as Davout's retreating French runs into a Prussian Corps that had just trashed the Frenchies forward supply depot. Rather than retreat the Prussians decide to stand against a superior French Army.

Report from Dave M

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Hordes of Blue and Grey

A 3 a side mini campaign, organised by Paul. The Confederation of Tel, Jim and Ethan vs the Union of Martin, Dave M and Tony. Using a variant of the HoTT rules with only 3 unit types and allowing for step reductions in combat, plus an unhistorical balancing of initial forces.

The Union try an early advance into Virginia, loading up two armies versus my one in a re-fight of Bull Run. The other Confederate forces counter by moving into Kentucky with armies from Tennessee and Georgia. With both fights going the way of the Confederates, the Union was put on the back foot straight away.

The Army of North Virginia then marches unopposed into Maryland and capturing Washington, as the remaining Union forces try and repulse the western advance into Indiana.

So the final battle is in Ohio as all the remaining forces converge, with the advantage of units in favour of the Confederates (one of the Union armies only had one element in it!). When the leader of the forces on the Union left met with an untimely demise it forced his army, previously holding its own against the stronger enemy, to retreat leaving the remaining defenders in the centre exposed (they had refused to defend their right flank). Put on an untenable situation the Union had no option but to concede.