Tuesday 14 May 2019

Zombies In Her Majesty's Countryside.

A multiplayer game of In Her Majesty's Name played on a larger than normal sized table.

British ( Extraordinary Company ), Prussian ( Society of Thule ) and Chinese ( Black Dragon Tong ) are searching the countryside trying to find something. What that something is no one exactly knows at the start.

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Poison Spitting Elephants Rampant

A game of Dragon Rampant, and the first appearance for my still not completely finished 'Dank Elves' - so-called as they are a cliched version of Dark Elves if that is at all possible. Made up from a box of Oathmark Elves, with Frostgrave Cultists and some converted Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors as the elves subservient human minions.

Jim has a combined 48 pt force of what seemed to be Pirates assisted by poison-belching elephants.

 Mark (fielding his necro army) and me 24 pts each.