Tuesday 7 February 2017

Iraq and a hard place

Another Fistful of TOWS 3 game. This time visiting the Iran-Iraq war.

The Iraqis are to defend the terrain and prevent an Iranian armoured breakthrough.

There was no real point in trying to sit around in defense as the range of our guns were far less than the opposition Chieftains, and we were limited in our number of Saggers to two per APC.

The revolutionary guard didn't seem to be too eager to come forward, even an accidental shelling by their regular army allies didn't encourage them!

The opposition didn't notice me moving up my AA units till it was too late, and I managed to shoot down one of the helicopters. Surprisingly in the next turn they didn't withdraw the remaining two and both of those ended up shot down as well!

So despite being shot to pieces and only holding one defensive position I managed to scrape a win.