Tuesday 22 July 2014

Maratha Maul

The 'Road to Waterloo' rules get a reprise and numerous modifications for use in the Indian theatre where numerous British Generals (and fictional Riflemen) cut their teeth.

In this trial run a small force of elite British, Sepoy and the not so elite John Company troops face the more numerous Maratha native forces, with their plentiful supply of Cavalry and explosive things. Matt leading the British while explaining the new rules, with Raja Tel leading the natives, assisted by Jim on the right and Tony on the left. Figures from Jim (Natives) and Matt (British).

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Ring Risk

Everybody presumed that somebody else would bring a game along but naturally nobody actually did soo in the end we played Lord of the Rings Risk, as supplied by Tony after a quick dash home.

Nominally good vs evil but basically a free for all. The map differed from the traditional Tolkien maps in that there were big gaps in the mountain ranges, presumably so that the armies had a bit more freedom of movement.

And large armies certainly ended up marching from one end of Northwestern Middle-Earth to another. Since Matt was the only other person to have played this version, and Tony sat out, he ran away with the game as he understood the victory conditions.