Tuesday 7 May 2019

Poison Spitting Elephants Rampant

A game of Dragon Rampant, and the first appearance for my still not completely finished 'Dank Elves' - so-called as they are a cliched version of Dark Elves if that is at all possible. Made up from a box of Oathmark Elves, with Frostgrave Cultists and some converted Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors as the elves subservient human minions.

Jim has a combined 48 pt force of what seemed to be Pirates assisted by poison-belching elephants.

 Mark (fielding his necro army) and me 24 pts each.

Over half the points for the Elves were concentrated in just two units, with the Elite guard being the most expensive at 8pt due to their malfunctioning magic weaponry (which failed to activate at the start of the game)

We decided to hang back behind the hills as the approaching pirates appear to be carrying boomsticks.

The Elephants (Large Warbeasts) proved difficult to handle. Mark managed to speed bump them with some undead as his sorcerer fired spells off at them.

In a tight finish, the combined forces of evil managed to defeat the Pirate elephants, mainly due to a couple of lucky morale saves after blunting their wild charges.

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