Tuesday 30 April 2019

Ghost Ziggurat

A big table game of Ghost Archipelago, as a number of different parties try to grab the loot and the main prize in particular, which is located on top of a mysterious Ziggurat.

One party got held up quite a bit by the random monsters. All the other nasties that appeared either wandered off or were corraled by the 'Brambles' spell.

The first attempt by a group to grabbing the big prize, standing exposed at the top in full view of everyone else, was not a good idea.

Fisticuffs start in the village as two parties clash.

Meanwhile, let's collect more loot and head it off the table while everyone else is busy fighting each other.

And since everyone else is busy, let's get the main loot as well!

Once more the Snapping Turtles, everyone's favourite random monster, fail to get a victim.

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