Wednesday 24 December 2008

Up Pompeii

Only a short session at the club before we broke up until the New Year. This was 'Old' Alans finally regular visit before he moves down south and he brought along a number of games (The other Alan decided not to play because he didn't want to learn any new rules)

Condottiere: The original version with the long cards, and not the Fantasy Flight 'tweaked' version. A first run through for all of us. An enjoyably game which is easy to get your head around once you learn what the different type of cards do.

Downfall of Pompeii: Another one straight out of the wrapper. No Frankie Howerd piece in this not too historical game of human sacrifice and molten lava. Rules took a bit of examining, but it played remarkably quickly once people got into the (lava) flow of things.

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