Wednesday 14 January 2009

Dark Lord's Ring

Things have finally picked up at the club after the Xmas lull. Both New and returning players were present.

Lord of the Rings.

Just the three players and only the basic game (I have all of the expansions but since both Colin and Alan were new to the game decided to keep things simple). As such we played things 'open handed' with all cards visible.

We managed to get through the first couple of boards OK, but it was a bit expensive in terms of cards used. With the Moria board it might of been better to sit things out and just pick up cards.

Shelob's Lair was where things really started to go wrong; the refusal of Sam to use the ring to try and avoid the black squares (die rolls) towards the end of the track and this caused some events to happen which shouldn't of and help cripple us by pushing all the characters along towards the rapidly approaching Dark Lord.

We did manage to get to Mordor but never managed to get very far into it before Sauron caught up to us on the corruption track. It was a bad idea allowing me\Frodo possession of the ring at this stage as I was closest to Strongbad Sauron.

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