Friday 29 May 2009

Thin Pink Line

Campoon reaches the end of year 4.

The Thin Pink Line of Nurgledom continues to be hard pressed but still has a number of strong armies to populate the forts.

Not much activity on my part. Brief skirmish with Dave S, played out with the battle cards\tables. A draw so only minor casulties on both sides. I continued to burn a couple more villages.

Mark has almost withdrawn completly off the main land. Only his city by the sea left. Jim seems to of quit again.

The Money:
Matt - 24 gold
Mark - 25 gold
Tel - 19 Gold
Paul - 33 Gold
Nurgle - 10 Gold
Dave - 22 Gold
Jim - 20 Gold

After the Campoon moves it was back to more of Paul's Mecha, as he continues to tweak his downloaded rules to suit his style more. i.e. Total Chaos.

From Furness Wargamers

Monday 25 May 2009

Three Thirds

Another Battrick season comes to a close and somehow I've managed to finish all three leagues in 3rd place despite not even having an average team in all three.

First Class
In the final First Class match of the season I managed to grab the points needed to keep third place despite an heavy loss to one of the pre-season favourites who managed to lose their first three matches but still bounced back to take second.

This was the first season of the new look FC leagues and I think the new shorter season and re-alignment of the leagues are a big success. Things are now much more even between the teams but without the massive relegation trapdoor that could previously end an FC season before it even starts.

One Day
The One Day league was also a shock as I somehow avoided the relegation dogfight to finish a comfortable third in my division 4 league, and winning 9 out of 14 games along the way. The two auto-relegation spots had long been decided, but the playoff spots went down to the wire with three teams entering the final round on the same points. Our camping friend is again champion but this time in an auto-promote spot and so will be leaving my league. If the guys in the forums have got things right with the team coming down from division 3 then it looks like I'm going to be facing an old rival next season, one I competed with but always lost too when in division 5.

I think most of the people were throwing matches in the 20-20 league as that could be the only explanation for me finishing so highly against what were mostly better teams despite me not really trying. Despite it's real life success 20-20 does seem to be the unwanted relative of the other leagues. This is despite of the new international league structure that saw me face off against a number of suposedly quality Aussie sides.

Also of note is that John's team has finally bitten the dust after he got feed up with the game. That just leaves Ray and me as the remains of the four bar-flies who joined up within a couple of months of each other at the start of 06.

Friday 22 May 2009

Board Again

With the Campoon Battle going on elsewhere in the hall instead played a couple of boardgames. A game of Metro and a few games of Sequence brought to the club by John in one of his irregular visits.

Martin was confident of winning Metro as 'beginners luck' should of favoured him, unfortunately he failed to take into account that there was another beginner involved to steal his Mojo and win the game. Martin trailed in badly in last place.

The Campoon battle as expected turned out to be one-sided.

From Campoon 3

Mark ended up on the wrong side of a bad beating from Paul, losing around 1000pts of troops and it could of been worse if Paul had had some cavalry present. For someone who hates the Warhammer Ancients rules Paul always seems to do OK.

There is a bit of a Magic the Gathering renaissance going on at the club as a top level player has moved into the area and is getting some of the 40Kers\Fantasy mob involved. And after a few mass battle games of Magic Phil got out his Pit Fighter stuff.

Hopefully a full house for Campoon next week as Jim is back in action.

Friday 15 May 2009

Burn Time

A late post about last Tuesday. Two players missing (Jim and Martin) so we went ahead with Campoon anyway. The dormant empires were played as if Independents, i.e. Each Village\Fort\City had a garrison so people could not just walk in and grab land.

In the conclusion of the winter phase I finally get to build my long sort after Fort at the peninsula's choke point.

Year 4 commences.

Matt continues to expand unhindered making up for the territories that were cut off at the end of last year as his lackeys, Dave S and Mark, continue to buffoon around.

Mark and Paul finally confront each other with Nurgle Jam in between. The battle to be fought next week looks like it will be one sided in favour of Paul.

From Campoon 3

The activity near my borders plus the new found strength of Jim's villages caused me to quickly rethink things and change targets. First I burnt down a couple of my own villages to act as a firebreak between my armies and Dave S's whose main army had just lost its baggage in its failed initial assault on one of Jim's villages. Then I moved into Dave's territory proper, also burning along the way.

After the map moves the remaining players staying got to play with Paul's Mechs using some rules he picked up on the Net. Humans vs 30ft tall Aliens.

From Furness Wargamers

Paul was comended in being albe to get everything into a single bag, the buildings beinging stackable.

A very random game with cards being fired around left, right and centre,

Wednesday 6 May 2009

Rules (of) the Waves

A game of the recently released Trafalgar rules from Warhammer Historical, a supposed quick play Napoleonic Naval game.(and probably Warhammer Historical's last ever release since they are being folded into Forge World.)

Post Trafalgar scenario with the Brits hunting down the French in the Caribbean. A single French line trying to escape from two smaller British lines catching them up.

The starting positions
From Furness Wargamers

Given the starting positions my line was lucky to reach the last french ship at all. We received a bit of fire from it but were pretty much untouched during the rest of the game.

My three ships

My lead ship managed to get a bow rake in but that put the ship in a position where it could never catch up. Even after taking the risk of going to full sail it was a stretch to reach them.

Chasing the French

The tailender final struck his flag just as my other ships were lining up. And this is where the game came to a close.

Can't say what the rules are like as already house rules are being used before I've had a chance to play the originals. Firing arc changes and the need to confirm Criticals. Also a lot of discussion about the wind template and how you can sail at almost full speed into the wind. I dislike the critical house rule as damage from crits are not of the usual roll 6 and explode that you might expect so didn't really need tweaking.

Despite being quick play I could not describe them as fun, unlike Uncharted Seas, the fantasy naval game, which was also being played on another table. They managed to get two eventful games finished in the time it took for ours to fade out. Trafalgar is sort of an halfway house rules set, the Navy buffs at the club commended the book for its historic details but not for the way they were implemented.

Uncharted Seas is generating quite a bit of interest in the club, even from the 40Kers and RPGers. Graeme has currently got three fleets worth and is trying to tempt people into playing. If a few more jump into the game then I would seriously consider getting a fleet myself.

The Elven Fleet

The Dwarfs Engage

Colin managed to win both games with some killer combo cards to make up for his two hammerings last week.