Friday 22 May 2009

Board Again

With the Campoon Battle going on elsewhere in the hall instead played a couple of boardgames. A game of Metro and a few games of Sequence brought to the club by John in one of his irregular visits.

Martin was confident of winning Metro as 'beginners luck' should of favoured him, unfortunately he failed to take into account that there was another beginner involved to steal his Mojo and win the game. Martin trailed in badly in last place.

The Campoon battle as expected turned out to be one-sided.

From Campoon 3

Mark ended up on the wrong side of a bad beating from Paul, losing around 1000pts of troops and it could of been worse if Paul had had some cavalry present. For someone who hates the Warhammer Ancients rules Paul always seems to do OK.

There is a bit of a Magic the Gathering renaissance going on at the club as a top level player has moved into the area and is getting some of the 40Kers\Fantasy mob involved. And after a few mass battle games of Magic Phil got out his Pit Fighter stuff.

Hopefully a full house for Campoon next week as Jim is back in action.

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