Friday 29 May 2009

Thin Pink Line

Campoon reaches the end of year 4.

The Thin Pink Line of Nurgledom continues to be hard pressed but still has a number of strong armies to populate the forts.

Not much activity on my part. Brief skirmish with Dave S, played out with the battle cards\tables. A draw so only minor casulties on both sides. I continued to burn a couple more villages.

Mark has almost withdrawn completly off the main land. Only his city by the sea left. Jim seems to of quit again.

The Money:
Matt - 24 gold
Mark - 25 gold
Tel - 19 Gold
Paul - 33 Gold
Nurgle - 10 Gold
Dave - 22 Gold
Jim - 20 Gold

After the Campoon moves it was back to more of Paul's Mecha, as he continues to tweak his downloaded rules to suit his style more. i.e. Total Chaos.

From Furness Wargamers

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