Wednesday 21 April 2010

Peski Russki Cavalry

Sat out the game on Tuesday, as we return to the Eastern Front during World War 1. Once again using the WH Great War rules, with Dave M presiding, Paul as the Russians and Mark as the Germans.

First units to enter the field of battle are the reconnaissance elements of both sides, two squadrons each of cavalry. The Russians managed to get first charge into the German Uhlans and quickly rout both units in turn.

From Furness Wargamers in Trenches

The remaining Russian Cavalry continue to hit and run against the newly arrived units of German infantry who can't get line of sight to them as they are over the crest of an hill. And as soon as a German unit got to the top of the hill, they got rode down. The house rule for lances, which give them a plus to initiative and so gives them first strike, prove to be decisive in these match ups. After about three charges they finally reached the five figure limit and retreated to pick up their medals.

With the German advance delayed, the Russians siezed the ruins with ease. Also some
Russian Heavy MGs arrived by truck and set up on the far hill, setting up a field of fire that covered most of the road. The larger Russian units do give them a significant advantage as it's difficult to get them to the 5 figure break point.

The German Armoured Car arrives and advances a short distance down the road before going off-roading, something it's not really designed to do. It does managed to avoid getting bogged down, but after a couple of turns is knocked out by incoming fire. It does manage to reduce the troops hiding in the ruins, and a well placed grenade from a launcher causes the remnants to run. Unfortunately the Russians still have plenty in reserve and soon moves up more troops into the ruins.

The Germans try to take the ruins at both ends of the hill (control of which is the main objective of the scenario), but there's too many Russians to deal with, including uncommitted troops off the board, and so the Germans withdraw. A pretty one-sided affair in the end, mainly due to the harassment of the Russian cavalry.

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