Sunday 15 August 2010

Going Up

Well a surprisingly good season in Battrick has come to an end, with 2 first places and a second place, in a season where I feared at least one relegation.

Managed to clinch FC promotion with a game to spare. It was only at near the half-way point of the season that I figured that I had a chance at success, and from then on fielded a near full strength side. Almost blew it straight off as for one game I forgot to set orders and my default side, which was filled with useless players, took the field. This was my only FC loss for the season.

One Day was a bit harder, as one of my rivals had bought one of the mega-players that dominate the high levels of the game but without realising the ridiculously high wages. He had him for only a few weeks, but was unbeatable during this period. But after he'd gone the slide began. Was sort of gifted the league as another player had given up hope and went into a bit of a dive after survival became a mathematical improbability. But a good victory on the final day of the regular season saw me scrape into an auto-promotion spot, so now have the mixed blessing of playing at the Div 3 level next season.

Could of made it a treble of top places but missed out in the 20-20, finishing 2nd, due to me fielding a weakened team in the early part of the season and losing a game early on. Might have to concentrate on this more next season as I can see it being my only chance of ending with a winning record! A double relegation looms next season as I think I'm outclassed in the next levels of FC and OD.

Have also reached seasons end in another sports game that I've recently picked up after an hiatus of a good few years. Dolphinsim is not what you might expect from it's name, but a site which runs simulations of American sports; Gridiron, Baseball etc. I've re-signed up to run a College (American) Football team mid-way thru the season, which has now ended, and have just gone through the first off-season recruitment phase which is all important in building a future successful side.

Intend taking my time with this one as the last time I ran a college side, I switched to an higher tier team too early without learning how to recruit and train players properly, and so ended out of my depth at in Tier I. So I'm running a lowly Tier III team (equivalent to real life FCS, aka Div I-AA.) and will probably refuse a switch to an higher tier team at the end of the coming season to gain some experience in running an ongoing program.

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