Saturday 26 March 2011

Furness Facebook Wargamers

The Furness Wargamers website has bitten the dust recently.

Welshy, the web designer who set up the original site has been trying to get a replacement up and running, but given his dislocation around the country it's a bit unfair to expect him to get it done.

So the Clubs web presence is pretty limited at the moment, basically consisting of the Furness Wargamers Facebook Group, which doesn't have much activity at all on it, so not dissimilar to the original FW forum, that slowly petered out after a decent start.

There seems to be an healthy gaming community up in Ulverston judging by the Ulverston Gamers group. At least the all to brief existence of the Jabberwocky shop seems to of left some sort of gaming legacy. Plenty of members signed up to the group but not much actual activity, this seems to be true for Gaming Clubs web sites the world over, regardless of the age range of the participants .

Also new to the blogging world is 6Sided, a new dedicated wargames blog site. I'm going to use it as an archive site for my existing material. The new blog is called Tel's Athenaeum to reflect it's dusty archive status. Already had teething troubles trying to import from Blogger, so used my now outdated Wordpress Blog as a source for import.

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