Sunday 13 March 2011

Osprey Adowa Book

A new Osprey Men-At-Arms book on the Italian Abysinian campaign is currently being written by Sean McLachlan

Some Blog entries on the research process...

It also available for pre-order from Amazon and due for release in September 2011.

While nice to get an Osprey directly on the subject, and with the much needed illustrations by Raffaele Ruggeri assured to be good, it remains to be seen if any new\accurate information comes to light on the campaign or battle or whether it'll be a plain old rehash of Augustus Wylde's second-hand account.

Trying to trace a resource that doesn't track back to the now de-facto standard account of Wylde, or the hysterical contemporary news reports, is nearly impossible. With luck both his overseas visits will have dug up some fresh information on this little known war.

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