Thursday 23 February 2012

Action at Schlauterhausen

The second battle of the 1813 Campaign to be fought at the club, occurring near Calbe, which had already seen action previously, but now at a location that I can't find on Google Maps

Tony and Dave S jointly take control of the already weakened Franco-Bavarians. Mark in charge of the Prussian Corps in the centre, Tel covering the Right (Northern) Flank. Jim in charge of the Russian Cavalry to the South.

From Furness Wargamers in Shakos

Another battle report from Dave M.

A part of Davout's master plan to recapture Magdeburg, the Franco-Bavarian 4th Corps was to assault the city from the south. En route, the French ran into Yorcks' II Prussian Corps, camped to the east of Calbe.

With news of Russian troops approaching Groningen, Marmont was left with little option but to try and batter his way past the Prussians. A desperate plea for support to 2nd Corps was dismissed by Eugene, on the grounds he might get shot at.

Yorck, ably accompanied by the Russian liaison officer Count Telovski deployed his forces to stop the French.

Abandoned and alone, 4th Corps crossed the Kleiner Pidl stream and ran in to the teeth of Yorcks massed artillery.

The flat ground between the villages of Kleiner and Grosser Schlauterhausen, became 4th Corps graveyard, as their assaults were repulsed, their artillery silenced and their brigades overran by the Prussians and supporting Russian cavalry.

With Prussian reinforcements arriving (Blucher and I Corps fleeing Magdeburg), the French finally broke and fled west, losing over 7000 killed, wounded or captured and 16 guns.

The two French commanders, with the Corps commander absent, appeared to be at odds with each other. One half of the force choosing to stand and fight, the other attempting a breakout northwards. The sudden appearance of Bluchers' I Corps sort of put a dampener to that idea, which was already being hindered by the positioning of a Cavalry brigade blocking the direct route off board. Dave S's escape attempt might have had more chance if he had not announced his intent to the rest of the players.

It took sometime but eventually the Russian Cavalry managed to cause havoc to Tony's forces, and swept away the French guns.

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