Thursday 3 May 2012

Battle for Magdeburg

The 1813 Campaign continues after an April hiatus, with a long anticipated battle near the key supply city of Magdeburg.

Report from Dave M again.

From Furness Wargamers in Shakos

Battle to West of Magdeburg, Day 14

The combined allied III and V Corps where assaulted by Davouts’ army, on the outskirts of the city. The Poles hurrying in from the north managed to distract the Russians from massing against the French.

The battle began with the Prussian guards and French 1st Division vying for control of the orchards to the south of the battlefield. The Prussians lost the fight and were ejected with heavy losses, allowing the French to begin their attempt to encircle the allied position.

The French light cavalry, which had been screening the Heavy cavalry deployments succumbed to accurate Russian artillery fire and broke, leaving the Heavies exposed to the massed allied artillery. As the Poles were checked by Russian cavalry in the north, the clash of the Heavy Cavalry unfolded in the open terrain to the south.

As night fell, the Cuirassiers tussled, the Prussian Kuirassiers suffering heavily from flanking fire from French infantry, but it was the French cavalry that ended up falling back in disarray.

The Allies lost around 4000, mostly Prussian Guards, the French around 3000 cavalry.

The combined Prussian\Russian force now has to retreat due to the break in the left flank caused by the Prussian Guards suicide charge.
Magdeburg still remains in Allied hands and garrisoned, but with the French approaching.

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