Thursday 28 June 2012

Zulus, Tens of Them

Matt brought in some 54mm Plastic British and Zulu figures that he'd managed to pick up, pre-painted, at a bargain price. About 30 Zulus and 20 British in total.

Rules, as provided by Paul, were In Darkest Africa from Wargames Illustrated. All ranges and move rates were doubled to take account of the figure size and a couple of house rules made up on the fly to cover the defensive positions, giving a 5+ to wound defenders rather than the normal 4+.

From Furness Wargamers in the Colonies

A supply column, carrying medcine for sick troops, is trekking through the broken terrain trying to reach the safety of a redoubt...

But there are certain people, native to the area, who do not want that to happen...

The column was soon overwhelmed, as the Zulus concentrated their forces and attacked from all sides. The two to one odds in melee, with the free hit that it proved, acting decisive.

The Zulus then turned there attention to the redoubt itself. The forces there had been pinned down by a couple of groups of natives, hidden in cover, who threatened to attack any force that might leave its safety.

With their officer dead, and about to be over run, the remaining British turned and fled.

A second action was played out; This one being a simple assault across open ground.
The initial idea of the Zulu side, off keeping close together so as to hit the redoubt at the same time, backfired as the morale roles for being close to a casualty saw the each of the three Zulu groups be affected by casualties to the central one, slowing down the advance and breaking up the incoming forces.

Despite being attacked in the undefended flanks, and taking nearly 50% casulties in melee, the British manged to repulse the attack as the lack of Zulu leaders lead to the failure to rally the demoralised warriors.

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