Tuesday 2 September 2014

Sharpe's Shooters

Another trial of the Skirmish rules after last weeks first run through.

Once again a 'find the lady' scenario, but with the British defending a village and the French assaulting.

The hiding place of the Lady was chosen so as to only have one way in or out. With an internal barricade and Harper with his volley gun at the ready, any Frenchman trying to seize her would be in for some unpleasantness.

French moved in from one side in a two pronged attack. This forced the Riflemen to rush across the village to help out the regulars holding two of the buildings on that side.

A couple of shots from the upper windows of hard-point took down a Frenchman who had previously survived a volley from three others.

After a couple of bad turns of melee, that saw the regulars forced away from the walls they were defending, it looked like the British had chance for revenge. The Riflemen could now pile in and change the odds, bashing the French back in what was the last act of the game.