Sunday 27 March 2016

Horrific Easter

Lousy weather over the Easter holidays, so broke out Eldritch Horror for a couple of solo games, running a couple of characters in each game.

First game, with Cthulhu as the big bad, went disastrously. I chose the Explorer and to face the evil deep ones doings, but couldn't get any traction in solving the first mystery.

Theoretically having two characters working together should help make things easier due to the way the gate allocations and clue tokens to solve mysteries tend to work ( normally half the number of players and round up )

Second game, against Yog-Soggoth, went down to the wire, but managed to lose a number of characters in the process of solving the final mystery.

Charles Kane is not very useful on his own, but with more characters in play I can see his abilities to manage resources being very powerful.

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