Tuesday 17 January 2017

Fistful of Golan

6mm battle between the Syrians and the Israelis on the Golan Heights based on the 1973 actions in the region.

The rules set is Fistful of TOWS 2, the minis supplied by Dave M who is also in charge of the mayhem.

Three columns of Syrians, lead by Matt, Tel, and Mark, are trying to dislodge the opposition, but have inconveniently place tank ditches and minefields to negotiate.

The approach was brutal with the Israeli tanks weapons having twice the range of the Arabs. The Syrians would take a number of turns under persistent fire.

The Syrians did have the advantage in artillery, but this was little more than a nuisance causing a handful of disruptions and no quality checks.

The one weapon the Syrians did have with a decent range was their missiles. A hail of Saggers headed towards the Israeli positions, but did precisely nothing in terms of damage.

Finally the Syrian tanks get into range of the Israelis, the first salvos not having much effect. The Syrian infantry in the centre managed to reach the ditch, but most of their transportation didn't.

Predictably, after the final turn was declared to be in progress the Syrians finally started hitting and damaging the Israeli hardware, but the result wasn't in doubt as the Israeli reinforcements moved on.

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