Tuesday 20 June 2017

Steam Navy Punk

So a number of people at the club have the makings of some steampunk fleets. All we need now are some rules to play with.

Matt has discarded the idea of using Dystopian Wars (or its Fleet Action spinoff) despite having plenty of models, and has gone on to designing a heavily modified version of DTS, an in house set of rules that normally got used for Sci-Fi battles.

Fleets were based on DWs Federated States and Blazing Sun models. With two large 'Squadrons' in each fleet, one for each player. Numerous big ships on each side, with the Blazing Suns noticeably out-gunning the opposition at long range, and also having deadly short ranged options in torpedoes and cannonades.

Fleet sizes were rather on the large side for a trial game, and this slowed things down a bit, along with the paper shuffling of the ship sheets; each ship having their own deck plans for damage allocation and with multiple classes of ships on each side.

Not much in the way of strange technologies just yet, with rules for flyers still pending. Think Matt is more influenced by the type of tech in the IHMN universe than Dystopians, with ARC cannons and shields.

General behaviour is to pick on opposing ships one at a time. The concentration of fire into a single side or quadrant normally leading to a catastrophic cascade.

Game eventually ends with the two fleets closing on each other and a couple of smaller ships sunk on both sides.

I guess I'd better get a move on painting my newly purchased fleet from Phalanx.

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