Sunday 10 September 2017

Sardine Wars

The Furness Wargamers are on the verge of starting another Campaign game. The game is based in Crusader times and on the Island of Sardinia with the waning of the Byzantinian influence on the isle. Despite the place not having much in the way of recorded Crusader history in this time period, things are being padded out to give room for some action.

Sardinia Campaign Map

Rule set of choice is 'Lion Rampant', which the club used for a successful round robin tournament earlier in the year. The campaign rules have been put together by Matt and include basic off the board siege rules.

The two sides are Norman Crusaders and Arabs, but with individual leaders out to carve their own domains (so much like the real life Crusades). Income to build armies comes from both capturing land and towns and also from defeating opponents in battle.

Given that I already have a force of Leper Knights from the tournament I'll be playing on the Crusaders side.

The campaign is due to start this coming Tuesday and no one has any idea how long the campaign will last for.

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