Tuesday 16 January 2018

Proper Charlies

Time for Keiron to crack out the Charlie Company rules as once more his Aussies make their way through Vietnam. Squads were distributed amongst seven players. With Bruce (Martin) commanding, Bruce (Matt) in charge of an SAS detachment, Bruce (Simon A) as the Radio\Artillery section, and four Bruces (Tel, Tony, Ben, and Alan L) in charge of squads.

A simple scenario - patrol through the jungle and inspect the village for enemy activity.

It's always a bad sign when the first casualties of the game include the unit's sole medic, part of Bruces' Squad (Ben) on the right, as they received fire from across the river at the bend.

The Bruces on the left managed to dislodge some NVA off their prepared positions, but then came under sniper fire. Some wild firing from the squads got lucky and managed to silence the sniper.

Examing the positions revealed some tunnel entrances. Smoke went down the holes and a little while later whiffs of smoke started appearing elsewhere on the board.

Keeping an eye on the tunnel entrances the rest of the squads move on. The forces on the right clear out the positions across the river with the help of artillery and the SAS.

So the squads are lined up at the bank of the river, with the SAS already across on the far right. Mortar fire starts to rain down from above.

Lt. Bruce then gives the order to charge across the river. Bruce questioned if this was the actual order and Lt. Bruce confirmed it was. After a short pause Bruces' Squad (Tel) charged across the river and into some pungi sticks. As expected they then came under heavy fire from troops in the dense woods, pinning them on the far bank.

Helicopters were called in to strike the village, despite having no actual enemy confirmed in it. Fortunately, the Huey took out a previously unspotted mortar that had been causing trouble.

The other squads also start to cross the river but move cautiously. With troops pinned down, the order came in for artillery to be placed onto the NVA position. No preliminary firing for targeting but the full load. Of course, the artillery had to miss the target and drift elsewhere. As fate\the dice would have it, directly onto a friendly squad (Tony's) and with another squad (Alan's) in the secondary blast radius devastation ensured.

At this point, the call for a Medevac went out and a withdrawal occurred, ending the scenario.

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