Tuesday 4 June 2019

In the Jungle

Another game of Bolt Action in the Jungle. As a force of Australians tries to hang on to a small village and the nearby ridgeline as the Japanese advance upon it.

Mark is the Australians, Keiron and Tel the Japanese. Matt is the umpire.

Bolt Action - Australian Defenders

The Japanese split into two forces with the intent of enveloping the dug in Australian strongpoints.

Bolt Action - Japanese behind Tank

Advancing behind the tanks in the hope that they might give some protection. This unit ends up getting badly pinned by a combination of mortar and sniper fire.

Main Japanese force goes up the middle a runs into some nasty fire from a Boyes Anti-Tank rifle. The Boyes is later silenced by sniper fire.

Units in hiding in the grove waiting for the tank to lay down some fire.

Slowly the Japanese outflank the defenders.

A unit of veteran Japanese prepare to assault a hut. The forces inside had been pinned down by fire from the tank.

The aftermath of the assault as both attackers and defenders are wiped out, a combination of defensive position and the Banzai rule causing mutual breaking of the units. The allied anti-tank gun hidden behind the hut ended up doing nothing all game as it lacked valid targets - it had no High Explosive Shells so couldn't attack the advancing infantry.

The Japanese prepare to assault the ridge, but the late to turn up Japanese airforce put a dampener on it as they mistakenly attack their own forces and pinned a friendly unit down.

The game winds down and the big push never happens.¶

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