Wednesday 23 July 2008

LOTR - Round 2

Two battles this round with a third yet to be played.

Army of Gondor vs Mordor at Osgiliath

A Last Stand scenario with Gondor the defenders. (750pts vs 2000pts, Colin vs 40ker)

Despite being surrounded and after losing one of the three defending units early one, the forces of Gondor (or at least their Leaders) went on the offensive leaving the safety of the village to rout isolated units. Mordor failed to make use of their archers, despite Gondor not having any themselves, keeping them at long range and firing into cover with minimal effect. The Gondorians achieve an unexpected win.

The Army of Mordor retreats to Ithilien.

Elves of Lorien vs Dol Guldur in the Wold

An Ambush by the Fairy Queen's pointy-eared sneaks. (1000pts vs 1500pts, Matt vs Dave M)

The first volley from the elves wiped out a unit straight away, but after the initial surprise it became a fluid battle with the more maneuverable forces of Dol Guldur just failing to launch a decisive cavalry charge before the end. The Pixies claimed the victory.

The Army of Dol Guldur retreats to the Fields of Celebrant.

The return breakout battle between Harad and Southern Gondor in the Lebenin has yet to take place.

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