Tuesday 15 July 2008

Warhammer Ancients Lord of the Rings Campaign

A snappy title if ever there was one!

Furness Wargamers have started up a campaign based on a minor work of fiction called 'The Lord of the Rings'. Intended to be played four per side it looks like the teams may end up more flexible than expected with the coming holidays.

Making use of the figures from Games Workshops LotR battlegame, but using a variant of the Warhammer Ancients Rules that was available for download.

The following is extracts from the Campaign Crib Sheet.

The Map
The map is a stylised version of Middle-Earth, divided into areas, with lines showing valid movement routes.

Battle Scenarios - Standard from WAB book

The Goodies
1. Army of Rohan at Edoras (1500pts)
2. Army of Ithilien in Osgilarth (1500pts)
3. Army of Southern Gondor at Dol Amroth (1500pts)
4. Army of Elves in Lorien (1500pts)

1. Army of the White Hand, Isenguard (2000pts)
2. Army of Khamul, Dol Guldur (1500pts)
3. Army of the Witch King, Minas Morgul (2000pts)
4. Army of Harad in Near Harad (1500pts)

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