Saturday 8 November 2008

Hard Plastic Nappies!

No we're not on about sprog care, but the latest batch of hard plastic figures that are currently en vogue (and which apparently can cause apoplexy in certain people, 'Plastics? For Wargames? No, No, No...')

Vitrix have announced a new line of 4 Napoleonic era boxes, 2 for the Peninsula and 2 for Waterloo era. Plus more are on their way.

This follows the lead from the Perry brothers and their Napoleonics (an extension to their own existing lead-based line).

Add to that the Perrys trailblazing Civil War plastics sets, posibly the first non-Games Workshop set of hard plastics in general distribution.

These hard plastics cover the mid-ground between Metal minis and soft plastic (i.e. Airfix) in the price range. Metals can be cheap but only when bulk ordered, hence certain manufacturers running purchase clubs.

It's interesting that this relatively new and small field has already got start up companies directly competing against each other. Wargames Factory is releasing sets that support Fields of Glory, first being Romans (Late Rebublic but Early Imperial are also on the way) and Celts, but they have also released 'Zulu' era British. Warlord Games are also doing Romans (Early Imperial) and Celts.

Unlike lead figures that can be turned out in small batches on demand, Hard Plastics are expensive unless done in bulk. But the molds used are metal and so long lasting making re-issues not as probmatic as molds for lead which are pliable and deteriorate with usage. I can well imagine a future consolidation of production into two or three companies, with the molds becoming the key asset.

Update: For a comparison of Perrys Plastic vs Metal...

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