Wednesday 28 January 2009

More Bling...

Another game of Talisman at the club, but this time with five players (Graeme, Baldy, Dave S, Colin, and me) and also parts of the Reaper expansion, leading to more mayhem and a lot of spilt blood as characters managed to die left, right, and center.

The expansion only played a minor role, as we did not include the grim reaper but only the new character types and the warlock quest cards (which were not much different from the original random table). I still think that the 'play chess' result on the Reaper card should be converted to 'play twister' (How do you think Neo learnt to dodge all those bullets! Excellent!)

The board got jammed up with powerful creatures early on, slowing down the characters advancement, and most people lost a character before even the first Talisman appeared.

During the game a number of people got turned into Toads, and we even had some Toad on Toad action (if you pardon the expression). The left behind resources becoming nice little hordes, but none as big as that gathered by the Hunter who kept knocking out characters and building a bigger stock pile of treasure, including a couple of carts. Baldy ended up getting this mother lode of resources, but fortunately a tornado came along and robbed him of a good portion of it.

This tipped things in favour of Colin who was first to get into the inner ring. Baldy bravely died trying to follow, when the Vampires sucked his life away, but no one else was anywhere near attempting the inner circle. We stood in the outer track as Colin seized the Crown of Command, and could not (and would not, it was getting late at this point) stop the inevitable life drain.

Colin had finally managed to win a game (any game!)

Plenty of other games were on the go including a game of DBA as some one tried to convert some young GW fans with an invasion scenario.

40K was on the loose as normal.

And the Great War variant of General Quarters 3 was in action. A fleet engagement in the Baltic, where the Russians came out on top for once.

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