Thursday 5 February 2009

Dim Reaper

A late show by Martin meant the planned Anglo-Dutch Naval game was a no go. So Talisman once more came out but this time with the full Reaper expansion including 'old grass cutter' himself.

The Reaper mechanism is quite subtle and doesn't over dominate the game. I actually took a risk in an attempt to get rid of an Hag that was preventing me getting any more followers and voluntarily moved the Reaper onto myself. I got lucky and he removed the hag from me! (lose a follower result). Graeme tried the same trick to get a boost, as there are a couple of good results available, but rolled a one and got scythed down! One thing we should of checked was if fate worked on Reaper rolls (both for movement and results)

The game never got completed as whenever someone got near the center, firstly Colin and then Dave, some bastard (Me!) used a spell to destroy their Talismans. I also used the alchemist to turn my own collection to gold to stop thieves. Colin and Dave had a brief scrap to prove who was the hardest (they both had ridiculous amounts of strength) and the game came to an indecisive close.

Tonight also marked the return of Geordie Paul, famous for his campaigns and scratch build models, who is back in town on contract.

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