Monday 9 February 2009

Seasons End

The Battrick cricket season has finally come to an end and it has been a tough one. Managed to finish 6th in the One-day League and 5th in the First Class. Got through to the K.O. stages of the 20-20 but went out in the 2nd round.

I managed to survive the relegation playoff from division 4 in the one-day league. The other team had decided to throw the game, but I would of been favourite to win anyway (unless I had decided to throw the match as well! You do see some silly matches where both teams are desperately trying to lose.)

The OD league leader failed in his promotion playoff and it was my fault that he had to play that match in the first place. I had defeated him the previous week, in the final match of the regular season. This suprise upset denied him an automatic promotion slot on run rate! He must hate me, as his biggest rival for the title in the upcoming season has now strengthened his own team greatly. Once again I'll be happy to survive automatic relegation next season.

It's all change in the other competitions as there has been a complete reshuffle of the First Class leagues, and new 20-20 international leagues to replace the 20-20 Knockout Cups. Both of the new divisions that I am in are difficult ones. At least the relegation trap-door isn't as big in the FC as it use to be (8 in league, 4 down! is now league of 6 and 2 down.)

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