Friday 27 February 2009

Year of the Flea

Updated scores from Dave M.

'Campoon II, The Nurgles Slithers Back' - The year of the Flea

Scores on the doors for the end of year 1 on Nu Campoon.

Tel --- 17G --- Army Points = 2000
Jim --- 18G --- Army Points = 1750
Matt --- 12G --- Army Points = 1620
Martin --- 17G --- Army Points = 1700
Paul --- 11G --- Army Points = 1940
Mark --- 21G --- Army Points = 1400
Dave M --- 9G --- Army Points = 1980
Dave S --- 11G --- Army Points = 1550

Tel, Jim and Mark gained an extra Gp for having ships in a harbour.

Given that 1G = 100 army points, it can be seen that Mark isn't as well off as could be expected, but since he is on an island he has pretty much control of the situation. Matt would appear to be worse off in terms of income as he needs to repair his badly depleted armies. In terms of future income\land both Jim and Dave M are well placed as there are plenty of unexplored hexes near them.

What will be interesting is how the two independant empires align themselves. Matt could potentially take both of them, but he will be lucky to get one. There will be a three way stuggle for the southern one between Matt, Dave S and Jim, and a straight bidding war for the northern one between Matt and Dave M.

Also newly distributed is an updated rules book from Dave M, which looks like the original M.E. book but with the magic hacked out and small variations\clarifications in rules. I will still need to ask about ship movement and landing in non-harbour hexes else I will be stuck on the Island with only one direction to go.

The Campoonian counting system also seems to be a little out as I am sure the last campaign was numbered as II as well!

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