Wednesday 25 February 2009

Return of the Campoon!

The Campoon returns! The irregular series of campaigns organised by Dave M starts a new chapter.

For details of a previous one see the Furness Wargamers site and its news archive and forum.

This time its a variant of the original Mighty Empires being used for the map based side of things.The original rules can be downloaded as a pdf. Warhammer Ancients (rather than Fantasy) is being used to resolve the tabletop battles when they happen.

The Players:
Dave S (White)
Mark (Blue)
Martin the Nurgle (Pink)
Paul (Light Red\more pink!)
Matt (Yellow)
Dave M (Light Blue)
Tel (Light Green)
Farmer Jim (Dark Green)

Our Ancient Army counterparts have yet to be finalised but will come from the standard lists in WH Ancients supplements but without many of the special rules.

Starting Positions
From Campoon 3

Unfortunately allowing us to choose our own colour of counters have made the positions on the map slightly difficult to see. Dave M decided to play a side himself after the photos.

Starting Positions from other side

After 1st Moves

The nations in the 'Pink Zone' are already rubbing up against each other with Matt unilaterally drawing his own borderline on the map to warn off Martin and Paul. During the next few moves a number of armies clashed, with the combats being resolved via the dice, and some lost troops due to lack of supplies and events.

Mark on his island did have a nasty run in with the 'Village People' but conquered the in the end. Dave S has manage to take control of a Maginot Line of two forts, complete with an exposed 'Ardennes' next door.

After Move 5

The penultimate move for the year sees me nearly in control of all my little island but with both Jim and Dave M across the water. An agreement with Jim meant it was safe to take the remaining area next to him, allowing him to have a small enclave on my island.

Years End

All armies had withdrawn back to the hearts of their empires and the winter events had taken place and monies tallied. In terms of money Mark is well ahead with 20 crowns earned from the cities on his private island.

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