Tuesday 23 June 2009

Martian Malarky

Those pesky martians are at it again, as we play another test of Paul's combat system, this time on a larger board.

An initial Martian landing force verses some Armoured Cars and fixed gun positions.

From Furness Wargamers

A strange object lands in the green and pleasant land.

Mobile (for turn of the 20th Century) troops are sent to investigate as artillery digs in 'a safe distance' away. The object opens up and disgorges a number of strange machines.

The cars pay an heavy price as the Martians destroy everything in their path (including hostile trees and churches). But what they don't spot till too late is a sneaky detachment of cars circling behind.

The sneak attack pays off and the Martian forward base is destroyed even as the cars turn to molten slag.

With their Command Post destroyed the Martians could not win, but they could earn a draw by destroying the British command post which was protected by the artillery. This the Martians did quite easily using their superior weaponry.

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