Thursday 4 June 2009

Winging It

Year 5 pre-season and first two turns played out, with the prospect of a three way pitched battle next week!

From Campoon 3

A siege started at the other end of the continent between Paul and Mark, with a bit of Martin's Nurgle thrown in. After a few failed storming attempts by the joint Paul-Martin forces, Mark decided to do the slightly bizarre thing of torching his own city! leaving the three forces in a smokey field ready for the big fight.

I'm taking this year a bit passively by doing a bit of exploring by ship to the harder to get parts surrounded by what remains of Jim's now dormant empire.

Got a bit of fortune in the previous winter phase as I rolled 'bad' and got the results that non of my razed villages recover. My buffer zone with Dave S remains intact!

After the quick map moves a small game of Wings of War was played. Just a straight four player dogfight. Allied Sopwith Camel and Nieuport 17 vs Albatros DVa and a Fokker DVII. No 'bangs' in the deck and using altitude rules. Players could select any plane from the single seater mini's, Matt the Camel, Paul the Albatros, Me the DVII, and first time player Martin the Nieuport.

The Albatros hung back for awhile as the Camel and Fokker engaged each other, both inflicting damage. The Nieuport spent its time climbing up an altitude level. Eventually the Albatros came in and gained a tailing advantage, only for his guns to jam.

From Furness Wargamers

The Camel was the first to go down, but unfortunately in trailing the Camel the Albatros left itself vulnerable to the Nieuport, which managed to shoot it down after inflicting nine damage in a close up shot.

With both the Nieuport and DVII badly damaged we agreed to break off the engagement and claim our separate kills.

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