Saturday 16 January 2010

Nekkid Northerners

On Tuesday we played an Ancient battle in 28mm using a modified version of Warhammer Ancient Battles using Matt's miniatures and terrain. Matt's not too interested in 2nd Edition WAB which is due out soon (after a long delay) and has done his own tweaks to the rules and force composition.

Scenario is based on Mons Graupius. The last remaining organised Celtic force in Britannia are defending a ridge line in their homeland of Caledonia against the Roman forces who have nipped over the wall for a quick bash.

The opposing armies
From Furness Wargamers with Spears

Basic plan was to hold most of the troops on the ridge but send some through the forest on the left to threaten the Romans flank if they push up too quick.

With the large bases for the Chariots and the Light Cavalry there was hardly any room to position them. They were soon routed on the right by the Roman cavalry but did draw them close enough for a couple or warbands to charge in and rout them in return. The warbands, not fancying facing the Cohorts on open ground, then quickly turned around and ran back up the hill.

Speed Bumps

Slight accident with a mini when a Naked Gaesti Warrior's weapon dropped off, possibly due to exposure. One minute he's holding it in his hand, next minute it's lying on the ground.

Some freak brick throwing by my slingers in the forest caused the complete destruction of the already dented Horse unit, and inadvertently opened a charge path for his remaining horse.

The Gaesti and friends managed to get through the woods only to be charged by the massed ranks of the Auxilia. The combat didn't last too long, only a single round before both Celtic units routed.

Rout through the forest

Apparently it turned out as history, with the Auxilia causing the most damage. The starting points were a bit uneven with the Romans having an 1000+ point advantage. This is despite the Celtic warbands each being boosted with decent leaders. Rumour has it that there are more chariots on the way for the Celts. In which case we going to need a bigger battlefield.

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