Wednesday 5 May 2010

Stand By For Action!

A bit of aquatic action under the waves as Paul's Stringray models get a run out. Not Paul's rules but the ones used by the Warlords to run their demo games at the southern games shows such as Salute. A 'Save the Whale' scenario as two Stingray class craft defends the big creature from an attack by four Terrorfish.

From Furness Wargamers at Sea

The two sets of craft approach each other and get within sensor range. Much howling occurred as they over the firing arcs of missiles, as the arc originates from the point of where the torpedo arms not the firing vessel, and since it needs to move at least one prior to arming it was impossible to shoot at each other at point blank range. True to the series they were more likely to hit rock outcrops than the intended targets.

The small world rule, originally intended to govern the movement of the various sea creatures, meant numerous strange maneuvers as craft left the board to reappear directly opposite, as the whale drifted towards the corner of the board.

Things got tense as the sole surviving Terrorfish, tried to ram\mate with the whale causing untold damage. As a final desperate measure the closest craft launched torpedoes from both tubes, both of which locked onto the whale! and both of which fortunately missed, only to lock on and destroy the Terrorfish.

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