Wednesday 19 May 2010

G.E.V. at Sea

Ogre rules but no Ogres in sight as we played a three-a-side game using G.E.V.s, the only appropriate crafts for fighting in this 'Waterworld'. Sides were All the Dave's (with Jeff, who was paying us a visit, as an advisor) verses a collection of oddballs.

From Furness Wargamers in the Future

Panzer Matt was buying up all his sides Heavies before anyone else had a chance. Dave in the center, who was trying to implement a similar tactic, managed to lose all of ours which sort of left me exposed. Dave meanwhile was doing much better on the right flank.

Somehow managed to implement a very brief Mexican standoff, despite the overwhelming odds. Dave managed to destroy one of the factories on the right, and a couple of turns later, kamikazes his smaller craft to take out the remaining factory in that cluster.

Meanwhile one of my factories had been reduced down to one, but the attack had been seen off, with Matt's suicide squad not being very successful\too successful depending on your view point. I had some breathing space to repair the archology, before Matt's assault would begin again.

So the game ended as a marginal green victory, due to having two archologies knocked out, as opposed to two badly damaged one for the greens. Was still plenty of play left in the game.

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