Friday 9 July 2010

Rushing Russians

More action from the Great War's Eastern front, as the Germans try and exploit a gap between two Russian divisions, as the Russians rush in to plug the gap. Matt and Mark play the perfidious Prussians, Paul and I the heroic Russian Imperials.

We were allowed a preliminary bombardment to try and weaken the Jägers who were holding the village. Unfortunately they managed to evade the shells by loitering around in the open and not taking covers in the ruins, which got ruined even more. But at least the shelling cleared away large sections of barbed wire.

From Furness Wargamers in Trenches

Tried to push up my artillery observer behind the cover of a infantry platoon. Unfortunately the first salvo he called in on the Germans scattered off target, and the counterfire from the German MG placement in the ruins to the west, took out not just most of the platoon but the observer as well. The loss of the observer silenced our guns.

Sent the bulk of my forces up the right\eastern edge to try and reach the hills over looking the exit road (the Germans principle objective.) Only real opposition was some German lancers, who can hit hard on a first strike due to the lance 'house rule' that gives them first strike in the first round of melee. I kept a unit stationary to extend my rifle range, and the cavalry could not charge in over the hills, a atctic the Russians had used to great success in previous games. The first round of concentrated gun fire into the Cavalry destroyed one unit and sent the other back into hiding.

Paul also concentrated on capturing the high ground to the North East and then assaulted the ruins overlooking the road, managing to shift a number of the Jägers before German reinforcements could reach them.

One of my platoons were successfully hiding in a copse on the my left\Germans right flank after seeing their companion platoon wiped out in the middle. Their placement managed to draw a couple of German infantry units out into the open to try and dislodge them. My replacement observer, who had finally got into a non-exposed position, was then able to call down the artillery on top of them, and managed to hit them first time, breaking a unit at the first attempt.

With the main German force nowhere near reaching the eastern exit and time running out the game was called.

Suprisingly no armoured cars turned up this time, which is a bit of a rarity for one of Dave M's Great War games.

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