Thursday 29 July 2010

Hard Vacuum

Some more Hard Vacuum as we got to play a number of scenarios and see some of Paul's new models.

Tanker Escort

Tried to keep my two craft flying symmetrical to make thinking about things just a bit easier. Tankers ended up flying backwards but were still accelerating enough to make attacks against them difficult. Think only one allied attack occurred on a Tanker all game.

Bombing Run

A German bombing run upon New York. Not a big success as the early war planes had very limited fuel and maneuverability. I had overshot the target trying to do a curved approach to the target re-entry point and didn't realise that the entry direction was also important when it came to getting the bomb on target. Add to that a critical hit had knocked out my re-entry gear and it was pretty much a one way trip.

Big Gun

A large American flying tank appears in space and a couple of German fighters are sent to try and deal with it. The tank was too tough for the fighters to cope with as it's forward guns could deal with almost anything in one shot.

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