Thursday 3 February 2011

Turkey Shoot

Russians vs Turks (and Germans in Fezes)

Scenario based loosely on the actions in the Black Sea of the Battle-cruiser Goeben and Light-cruiser Breslau, after their escape from the Mediterranean and transfer to the Ottoman Navy.

Turk reinforcements were restricted to only one side of the board and it was up to the two fugitive ships to make their way to safety.

If they had decided to sail straight across then they would probably have managed to get across the tables without coming to much harm, as the Russian big ships were just not fast enough to keep pace with the more advanced German designs.

Instead they decided to circle for a bit, possibly hoping that the remaining Turks could take some of the Russian ships out. After a tussle between the Russians and the Turks, the Germans finally make a break for it.

One final attempt By the Russians at slowing the ships down with a torpedo run from the destroyers failed, and the Germans were then too far away to catch in a chase.

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