Thursday 20 January 2011

Colonial Ogre

A Colonial game but with a difference as it was played using a modification of the Ogre rules. These have been tweaked by Paul since the last attempt as using them to give a more traditional Colonial flavour.

Typical Sudan game, hordes of Ansar and Hadendoa verses British, Egyptian and Sudanese.Paul and Tony are Imperialists and their lackeys. The two Dave's heroic Mahdists and coastal allies.

From Furness Wargamers in the Colonies

An early decision was made to keep well away from the British regulars and concentrate both forces on the Egyptian and Sudanese.

The British were unduly afraid of a rather weak cavalry\camelry force that were sent around their flanks to hide out of site round a hill. The main body of the Hadowana instead took to wandering to the left towards the Egyptians, and ignoring the Imperials.

Despite the joint attack on the Egyptian troops not being perfectly synchronised the weight of numbers eventually told as units became increasingly isolated. The British were kept busy by the Camelry who finally manage to spring an attack upon them to help delay them from reinforcing their beleaguered colleagues.

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