Sunday 5 December 2010

Late Roman Report

A bit belated but someone other than the Furness Wargamers enjoyed this years game at Phalanx.

While doing a google image search I came across an overhead shot of the game that links back to a show report from Gareth Wood. Did a search in the period after Phalanx but never picked this one up.

Phalanx is on Saturday 18th June 2011 next year. Hopefully it wont be snowing then. Had to cancel my planned trip down to Pudsey on Saturday for the Recon Show due to the bad weather.


  1. Hi Tel
    In the area and wondering if Tuesday games nights are Barrow Baptist church are still on. Furness Wargamers website seems to be down.

  2. Sorry for delay getting back to you. Tuedays are very much still happening, but not much went on over xmas.

    The original Website is currently down but a replacement site\blog is hopefully on its way.