Wednesday 4 May 2011

Ring Hordes

A Middle-Earth based game of Hordes of the Things, as the Rohirrim face off against a force of Orcs and Easterlings defending a stronghold. I controlled the Rohir force on the right, matched up against the Easterlings, and also got to roll the command dice for both commands, which I preceded to do badly. Forces supplied by Matt and Dave M.

From Furness Wargamers Fantasies

On my flank the opposing forces was almost a match in compositions, with equal amounts of Knights, Spears and Archers. There was no hope of outflanking the opposition straight off, so everybody just clashed into each other.

On the right it was an almost deadlock, but with the Orcs slowly pushing the Rohir back. Neither units were coming close to breaking but the Rohir was starting to run out of table to retreat to. A small force of cavalry had broken off and headed towards the bad guys stronghold.

Finally I managed to get into a flanking position after having my flank threaten itself, and with the help of my hero destroyed the unit via push back. At this point both side were about 1 unit away from the breakpoint, and this forced them over, but it could of gone either way.

The Rohir eventually managed to get the couple of units of knights up to the stronghold, but didn't have much luck attacking it initially. Finally after a number of turns it fell. With a command gone, and the remaining command getting hit to the rear and flank the game was over for the bad guys.

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