Wednesday 29 June 2011

Colonial Falkenstein

Two teams of two fighting each other in the Africa of the world of Castle Falkenstein using modified Ogre rules. British and Egyptians vs Mahdists and Bavarians, each with their own base\resupply point. Each uncaptured hex round the base is worth 2 build\reinforcement points with the new arrivals capable of turning up on any edge of the table.

From Furness Wargamers in the Colonies

The Bavarians with their infernal machine marched out to meet the British but were soon distracted.

The Bavarian base was surrounded by newly arrived Egyptian cavalry, denying them build points and forcing the existing force to turn around and relieve their own base. The Egyptians could hit the base quickly due to the 'build rules' allowing for troop to appear at any edge of the board.

The Mahdists then went into horde mode themselves as swarms of low valued troops swamped the British and Egyptian bases in return. There was little action in the centre as everyone was now busy around there own bases.

With the outlying area of their base recaptured the British decided to form hexagon around it with the new arrivals, relying on the existing forces in the field to harass the enemy.

So the British Lancers managed to save the day for a change as the two remaining units camped at the Mahdist base as the rest sacrificed themselves as road bumps to slow the Mahdists, and taking the decisive victory points away from the opposition.

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  1. Hello! My name is J Gray and I am the new line developer for Castle Falkenstein! Thank you for keeping the setting alive!