Wednesday 15 June 2011

Two Rivers - part 2

The mini campaign continues, and reaches its conclusion, as the opposing forces rush to the vital bridges.

Two crucial battles fought during the club night, both occurring in consecutive map turns and at opposite ends of the map.

From Furness Wargamers in Trenches

The first occurs at Bogel, where a small force of Germans, One company and a Cavalry Squadron are trying to catch up and stop the Russians from taking Bridge A. Without the weight of numbers to launch a serious attack the Germans were easily repulsed, and the Russians continue onto the bridge next turn.

The second was the decisive battle for Bridge C, as the retreating Russian forces from the battle outside combine with the force holding the bridge. The oncoming Germans represent the bulk of the force that started the campaign, three companies reinforced with Heavy weapons and two 77mm guns. The Jagers had been detached to seize Bridge B.

The Germans advanced behind a stone wall in the centre, supported by artillery fire. The Russians launched an assault on the centre, successfully removing a German platoon, but leaving themselves vulnerable to counterfire from an MG and multiple rifle platoons.

With German MGs now covering major sections of the field and artillery still raining down the Russians decided to cut their losses and retreat over the bridge, leaving it in enemy hands.

With no major forces within striking distance of each other within the two remaining map moves the campaign was concluded with both sides achieving their objectives.

Now that the campaign is over I can now reveal that the Germans were aware of the Russian objectives early on, as a copy of the campaign orders had been left on the battlefield during the very first cavalry encounter of the campaign, and where German Spy Mata Teli could clearly make out the Russian objectives.

German Campaign orders

The campaign worked well with a tight but reasonable time frame to get things done. Could may be have done with another couple of companies on each side to allow for a bit more cover for the rear areas, especially given the multiple routes across country that were available. Also maybe an appearance of the Armoured Cars, for both sides, could have made things interesting. Everybody was expecting them to turn up, as in past battles, but they never did.

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