Wednesday 6 July 2011

Stargate 1880

More fun with modified Ogre rules, as an 'artifact' found by the British in Egypt gets transported back to England and tinkered with by amateur scientists based in a peaceful country village. Much to their surprise their messing around has a rather dramatic effect.

From Furness Wargamers from Mars

Once the ring was turned on hordes of Greenskined and Reptilian monstrosities from another world\dimension\franchise are transported through the ring and waylay the inhabitants, time to call in reinforcements from the British Home forces.

The unfortunate scientists are the first victims, as despite being mounted on camels they could not escape out of the range of the monsters breath weapon.

Soon the forces of Queen Victoria appear upon the field. The British War-engine, the very latest in Victorian engineering, taking on one of the fearsome reptiles. It was assisted by some artillery and Gatling guns and managed to extinguish the terrible flame weapon. The engine now isolated from the troops is then swarmed by mounted greenskins, who destroyed all it's remaining weaponry in turn.

Another couple of reptiles were brought through the gate, but rather than advancing they hung back and used their flames to conduct ranged attacks upon the advancing British line.

The British decide to launch a rear attack by bringing up some reserve lancers. As the lancers desperately tried to use their speed to break through to the gate and turn off the gate mechanism, the greenskins brought through their most effective giant troops to set up a wall of toughen flesh to block the enemy.

The lancers did manage to get next to the gate, but at terrible cost, managing to gain three attempts to close the gate. This included one on the very last turn played, but failed in all instances, leaving the greenskins in charge of the field.

Played with the same rules as the Falkenstein game. Both sides got regular reinforcement points to spend or store each turn, the most expensive items being the Ogre substitutes - the Warmachine and Dragons. Orcs reinforcements coming through the gate, British from any of the table edges. The Orcs were generally cheaper and weaker than the opposition

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